The professor at work in his lab.
The professor at work in his lab.

Professor Puppet’s Pedagogy is a line of products designed to teach curricular concepts using the arts: puppets, role play, stories, games, story theatre, creative drama, music, art, and movement.

The first in the series is Adventure in Nicotine Land, a puppet-based curriculum that has been used as a fun learning tool in classrooms across the United States.

In this adventure, Professor Puppet takes his two young friends, Patty and Martin, to Nicotine Land–where King Nic rules, along with his best buddy, Cigarette.  During their visit Patty and Martin discover why the Professor chooses not to use tobacco, and they escape from King Nic just in time.

Tested in elementary school classrooms, it has been shown to effectively teach children why using tobacco products is not a healthy choice. Targeted at 3rd grade, it has been used successfully with a variety of age groups, including adults.

The curriculum can be purchased as:

  • a complete package (puppets, curriculum, recorded script, and stage)
  • the puppets and complete curriculum (recorded script and ten lesson plans)
  • the recorded puppet show with ten lesson plans
  • the recorded puppet show

The recorded puppet show and the ten lesson plans are available on CD or as downloads.