Child-tested puppet show proves effective

Child-tested puppet show proves effective

Results of a study done by the Brigham Young University Department of Health with culturally diverse classes of third graders in Provo, Utah, show that before watching the puppet show, 85% of the students did not understand that nicotine is addictive, that smoking can make you cough, or that cigarettes are expensive.

Students who watched the puppet show were significantly more likely to know the following things than students who did not watch the puppet show:

• Nicotine is addictive

• Smoking causes coughing

• Cigarettes are expensive

Two groups of students participated. The control group, did not see the puppet show. All participating students were asked the same set of questions regarding tobacco as a pre- and post-test. Those who watched the puppet show showed a statistically measurable difference in their knowledge of how tobacco use affects users.

Students rehearse the puppet show.
Students rehearse the puppet show.

We invite you to join Professor Puppet and his two young friends, as they travel to Nicotine Land to discover why the Professor chooses not to smoke.  King Nic and his pal, Cigarette, are on hand to greet them when they arrive.  As the friends explore Nicotine Land they meet a Hacking Head, Glamour Sal (who is addicted to Nic), and some cancerous Lungs.

The complete curriculum includes:

• A 13-minute recorded (.mp4 audio file) puppet script, along with a printable copy of the script in PDF format.  The puppet show includes two original, fun to sing songs.  A lead sheet for both songs is included with the script.

• A unit of ten lesson plans based on core curricular concepts in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, that reinforce and expand the concepts presented in the puppet show.

• A set of nine muppet-type puppets.

• An easy to set up and take down puppet stage.